Currently, over 350 million people worldwide speak Spanish.  44 million of those people are right here in the United States, where Spanish is the second most widely spoken language. 

 Giving your child the opportunity to communicate with Spanish speakers will enhance his or her education, cultural understanding, world view, travel experiences, and future employment opportunities. 

The best time to introduce a foreign language is when your child is young.  In early youth, the brain is hard-wired for language learning.  In our distant past, having the ability to communicate was a matter of survival.  This accounts for the huge growth in your child's spoken vocabulary and listening comprehension.  Why not take advantage of this opportunity and introduce a second language?

Don't worry; learning a second language will not detract from your child's development in his/her first language.  In fact, learning Spanish can aid your child's language development.  Spanish is extremely phonetic.  Words sound just like they look.  This facilitates reading, writing, and pronunciation.  Also, just like English, Spanish has roots in Latin.  Understanding Spanish can help you understand those tricky Latin-based SAT words in English!

Now for the most convincing evidence of all:
Spanish Playschool classes are fun!  They are filled with song, games, crafts, and laughter.  Our classes are a great way to spend time with your child learning,  laughing, and growing together. 

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